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edel.lawfirm is a law firm based in Istanbul, which undertakes the legal representation and consultancy of mainly German-speaking legal and real persons, as well as Turkish legal and real persons, with German and Turkish lawyers.

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Practise Areas

Legal Advice

Corporate Law
Commercial and Contract Law
Labor Law (Mediation)
Criminal Law
Traffic Law
Data Protection Law
Competition Law
Tax Law
Trademark and Patent Law
Tenancy Law/Real Estate Law
Right of Enforcement
Civil Right
Procedural Law


Conflict Management 
Intercultural Differences in Business Dealings
Language Barriers in Problem Solving
Negotiation Management

Business Consulting

Foreign Direct Investment
Strategy Consulting
Interim Management
Establishment of Companies / Branches / Representative Offices
Business Partner / Customer / Distributor Search
Advice on Import / Export / Customs

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Our Team

The edel.lawfirm is a law firm based in Istanbul, which represents not only Turkish companies, but primarily German-speaking companies and private individuals in asserting their rights in Turkey. The services include legal advice and court representation, in particular in labor law (mediation), corporate law, commercial contract law, data protection law, criminal law, traffic law, civil law, enforcement law, trademark and patent law, competition law, tax law and tenancy law / real estate law. In order to be able to optimally support Turkish companies in Germany, the law firm also maintains a German law firm in Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia. The edel.lawfirm has a large network in Turkey as well as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and works closely with the respective economic development agencies.

RA Suzan Karakivrak, LL.M.


The German lawyer Ms. Suzan Karakivrak, registered with the Düsseldorf Bar Association, managing director of edel.consulting and senior partner at edel.lawfirm, has more than 20 years of experience in German-Turkish business transactions, many years of work experience in both countries and acts successfully with her expertise as a person of trust for German-speaking investors in Turkey. As a German lawyer, Ms. Karakıvrak regularly trains German lawyers during their legal clerkship as part of the lawyer's or elective station.

Av. Recep Karaman


Recep Karaman, a Turkish lawyer registered with the Istanbul Bar Association, is a managing partner of edel.lawfirm and a long-standing partner of edel.consulting. His university education in Switzerland and Turkey as well as his many years of work as a management consultant enable Mr. Karaman to take the perspective of international companies and, in addition to classic legal advice, to contribute his entrepreneurial experience to the benefit of his clients.



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